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Oct. 15th, 2013

Wowza, just looked and the last time I posted K was just over a month old!!! She'll be 20 months tomorrow! A ton has happened since my last post. I'm now a single mother. Her father plays absolutely no part in her life and I much prefer it this way! I also manage the McD's in my town now and I absolutely HATE it! I'm going to school full-time so I can get away from the job and away from this small town ASAP! Uhm, between K, school, and work, I have little time for anything else. I've tried dating a couple times this year, both guys turned out to be complete jerks. Slowly getting to know another guy at the moment. We will see if he restores my faith in men.

Anyway, I doubt many people are left that read my journal, but I thought I'd pop in and say hi! Here's a pic of my beauty!


Birthday Time :D :D

 Happy Birthday Lily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope You Have A
Wonderful Day!!!!!!!!!

(I Hope You Enjoy Your Present :p)


Stolen from Chole And Aisling

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Someone please tell me why I agreed to go to a football game? What was I thinking?


Birthday Wish

Hope You Have  A Wonderful Day!


I'm Lovin' It :D

First off, Happy Birthday to jessleyd and leenielou!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you both had fantastic days!!!

And now on to my big news, I bought a car this weekend!!! It's a brand new 2008 Dodge Avenger. Now I really have motivation to get my license, which will only be another 2 weeks at the most! After living practically my entire life being told I would never be able to drive, I'm so excited that I'm going to be able to, but it is still so surreal to me.

A Pic of my Car!Collapse )

And Now For Some Work-Related StuffCollapse )

Happy Birthday Lillbet!!!!

Sorry, I took the missing piece. :D


Still the 30th in TX :D

BIRTHDAY LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Bittersweet chocolatey goodness.

Thanks to lillbet, I tried a wonderful recipe yesterday, Chocolate Cake in a Mug! It was full of chocolate awesome!! I was actually surprised how easy and quick it was, although I did notice the lack of mugs in our house.

In other news, work is starting to become crappy. I just don't have as much enthusiasm as used to anymore. I guess all the favoritism going on, as well as promoting totally un-qualified people to managers is just getting to me. And I'm starting to feel the effects of all these 10-12+ hour shifts I've been working.

Another thing that's been bugging me is my best guy friend. Before I left to Germany, we were really close, but ever since I've come back, I've just noticed that he has changed. I still care a lot about him, but he's doing some really stupid things, and hanging out with the wrong crowd. We got into a fight a couple days ago, and I don't think things are going to be the same between us for a while. *le sigh* Time for some chocolate therapy methinks.

On a positive note, there is a guy that has been working with us for about a month now, and I can definitely see something happening between the two of us. :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!